About Us

Helvetic Fund Administration is a Gibraltar regulated collective investment scheme administrator

Helvetic Fund Administration forms part of the HFFT Family Office and has operated in Gibraltar since 1998. Helvetic is dedicated to the set-up and administration of small and medium sized collective investment schemes in Gibraltar and the Caribbean and has permission to act as a collective investment scheme administrator in Gibraltar.

We are dedicated to providing a hands-on, personalised service primarily to the entrepreneurial alternative fund management community. We also coordinate and manage the ongoing regulatory reporting needed to meet compliance standards at all times, ensuring that the structure remains in good standing. Our team is fully equipped to provide fund administration and accounting services.

Gibraltar is often praised for being one of the preeminent jurisdictions for crypto funds. The jurisdiction has regulated DLT providers since 2018 and is welcoming numerous cryptocurrency exchanges to its shores and building stronger ties with the global blockchain and industry players. This has allowed Gibraltar to continue to build on its flexible, yet robust regulatory framework, in a post-Brexit environment. Additionally, the fact that EIF structures are not limited by investment or leverage restrictions has made Gibraltar a very attractive hub for the emergence of crypto and blockchain projects.

Whilst in the EU Gibraltar always maintained all EU regulation and operating in the EU arena with other fund jurisdictions. Post Brexit Gibraltar now has more freedom to structure a regulatory framework which is more compatible to its size and the types of funds it can best service.

Gibraltar has a special relationship with the UK and so it is the only jurisdiction worldwide that can guarantee unimpeded market access to the UK on the basis of the Gibraltar Authorisation Regime (GAR).